Protecting Michigan College Students From Underage Drinking Charges

College towns are known for underage drinking. You just started out on your own. A friend hooks you up with a fake ID. And the college parties start rolling one after another. Maybe it was your first time drinking underage. Maybe it was simply your first time getting caught. Regardless, a conviction for underage drinking can have a significant impact on your criminal record and your college career.

If you have been arrested for underage drinking and face charges for underage drinking, trust in the criminal defense lawyer at Vander Horst Law Office, P.C. We fight to protect your rights and future.

Penalties For Zero Tolerance Violations

Michigan has zero tolerance for underage drinking. Therefore, law enforcement heavily patrols college towns and other areas to crack down on the offense. Individuals convicted for underage drinking or underage drinking and driving face serious penalties:

  • Underage DUI/OWI: fines (up to $250), driver's license suspension (30-90 days), community service (up to 45 days), points on your driving record

In addition, college students may face collateral consequences, such as loss of student loans, scholarships, housing penalties and other consequences.

Don't let a mistake in judgment have such a negative impact on your education and future.

If you are facing criminal charges for underage drinking, underage drinking and driving, or possession of a fake ID, you can trust that we will do everything we can to mitigate the circumstances of your case. When possible, we will strive to get the charges dropped or reduced so that consequences are minimized.

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