Post-Judgment Modifications

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As experienced family law attorney, we know that even after a divorce and final judgment are ordered, many circumstances change throughout the course of a lifetime. Many of these changes lead to the need for a spousal or child support modification or parenting time modification. At Vander Horst Law Office, P.C., we are experienced in assisting clients who need to make the proper modifications to an order or prevent changes to an existing order.

We will assist you in protecting your current and future financial status. If you need a modification to an existing order we will prepare and present a compelling case to obtain the results you need.

Our post-judgment modification attorney can assist you with any of the following:

Increase your support payments to protect your financial security
If you are in need of additional financial support due to a changed circumstance, such as a medical condition, or job loss, we can help you pursue a modification to your existing order so that you receive the payments and support you need. We will investigate your case and prepare a compelling argument to get results in your case. If your family is in need, do not wait to contact an attorney who can protect your financial security and your future.

Prevent fines or criminal charges: REDUCE your payment obligations
Our attorney can assist you in a change to your existing order if you are unable to pay child support. If you had recently lost a job, suffered an injury, or have been unable to work, we can assist you in a change to your existing order to prevent fines or even criminal charges that are associated with a failure to pay child support. If you have missed payments, you need an attorney as soon as possible to prevent fines and charges that will accrue as a result of your default.

For more information about our services and our firm contact Vander Horst Law Office, P.C.. We can assist you with a child support modification, spousal support modification, or parenting time arrangement modification.

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