Women in Divorce

Working With Women to Resolve Divorce Conflicts

It's hard for women to ignore their maternal instincts. Many family-focused women work long days taking care of their children, cleaning the house and making meals. They are not incapable of working in corporate America. On the contrary, many women sacrifice or post-pone their careers in order to raise a family.

So what happens when divorce interrupts the home they have been building? Many women worry about how they will get by after divorce. Will they receive alimony to compensate for the career they sacrificed? Will they receive enough child support to raise their children in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed? Will the father be supportive of the suggested parenting plan?

Regardless of the concerns you are facing, we have helped other women work through divorce, and we can help you too. At the Law Office of Joseph W. Vander Horst, he have more than 19 years of experience helping families throughout Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the surrounding communities find the legal solutions they need in divorce.

Receiving Child Support and Alimony Payments

In Michigan, child support and spousal support payments are based on state-mandated formulas. Child support is based on several factors, including the income of both parents, special needs of the child and healthcare costs.

Spousal support (also called alimony) is also based on several factors. Income and earning capacity of both parties, length of the marriage and contributions to the marriage are all considered when payment amounts are being decided.

When you work with our team, we can help ensure you receive the support you need to raise your children and maintain your current lifestyle. Learn more about the representation our attorneys offer by contacting our firm online or by calling 269-348-0768 to schedule your consultation. We accept all major credit cards and have weekend and evening appointments available.